17 April 2024

Within and Without (an online workshop with Natalie Tsirlina)

About a workshop

In this workshop we'll explore freedomDANCE map of polarities. In our dance meditation we give attention to our body. We feel into our inner space. And later in the practice we also take in the space around and include the people we dance with. So how does it move? And how do we travel from inside out and what do we take from the outside to come back to our inner space. How does the freedomDANCE cycle takes us into this journey?

Two Wednesdays: April, 10th and 17th

9.00-12.00 UK time

Teacher: Natalie Tsirlina

Certified Level 2 teacher. Has been teaching since 2014. Former documetary film director and organizer of freedomDANCE workshops.

Tuition: 60 pounds