What is freedomDANCE?

We are a school of dance meditation and conscious movement, one of the most accessible ways of working with the body and awareness.

Every time we meet, we build our awareness by going through different energies and different ways to move our body.

We dance in order to switch on our physicality, to tap into our fuller resources that are stored below our head. Moving our body also turns out the quickest way to quiet our mind.

Our sessions are open to everyone, regardless of age, weight, shape or mood. No prior experience in dance or meditation is needed in order to participate.

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Dance with us

30 Jun 2019 - 14 Jul 2019 Skyros Alex Svoboda in Greece
16 Jul 2019 Cambridge Nexus 3 (on-going group)
03 Aug 2019 Cambridge Lands of Plenty
06 Aug 2019 Cambridge Nexus 3 (on-going group)
17 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019 Moscow Teacher training programme Level 1 – Module 3

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freedom to move

23 July 2016

Alex Nikiforov, founder of freedomDANCE school of dance meditation and conscious movement, and Ruslan Mazaev, a Moscow-based musician and artist, are joining forces to bring dance meditation to your living room… or anywhere you can find some space to move!

Six tracks by Ruslan have been specially selected and mixed to support your practice. Alex then recorded his instructions over the music. You have a choice of going through your dance cycle either with or without instructions.