Level 2 Certification

At this level, just like at Level 1, we continue to focus on the physical aspects of the practice. At the same time, Level 2 Certification expands the range of themes that the teacher can cover by actively engaging imagination and insights, the mental aspect of the experience. Level 2 certificate gives you an opportunity to teach in any format, removing limitations on the length of your events and the composition of your group. It also makes you eligible for a full membership in ICMTA. 

Level 2 Categories

Level 2 freedomDANCE content is organised into three categories:

  1. Unity: Exploration of different levels of relationships:
    • with oneself
    • with the physical environment
    • with a partner
    • with a group
    • with a community
    • with the Universe
  2. Lessons: Life lessons from the dance floor; developing awareness of what dance meditation practice gives us when we are off the dance floor
  3. Synthesis: Combining conscious movement with different types of arts and other practices   


The range of formats that Level 2 teachers can offer expands greatly and it includes the following:

  • workshops
  • retreats
  • ongoing groups
  • individual sessions
  • freedomDANCE Jam (teaching without instructions)