Advice for Beginners

What should I expect?

The beauty of our powerful practice is in its simplicity. There’s nothing unusual happening at our classes. We move following a simple and intuitive logic through a freedomDANCE Cycle: We begin to dance, gradually building up the intensity. Then, we are giving ourselves to the dance fully at the peak. After that, we enjoy the lightness of ‘going downhill’ - gradually slowing down our pace, until we settle and find a completion.

The teacher helps the group by playing a specially selected music and offering suggestions on where to bring the focus of your attention. From time to time, the teacher may invite you to dance together with one or several other people. We don’t study any particular dance steps or choreography.  

How do I prepare?

The main thing is to be willing to listen to your body. This will help to avoid movements that are beyond your safe capacity and can cause injury. We dance for ourselves, and not to perform or to impress anyone. Just like in a yoga or sitting meditation class, competing or trying to keep pace with the others at any cost is not a good idea.

Here are some tips: 

  • Most of us dance barefoot. Dance shoes that do not leave marks on the floor are also allowed and, indeed, may be more suitable for people whose joints need extra cushioning. 
  • Please wear comfortable clothes that don't restrict your movements. If you are attending a workshop that lasts over three hours, you may need an extra kit to change during a break; we move actively and sweat!
  • Please drink plenty of water during and after the class. Before coming, please ask your teacher or class organiser whether you need to bring water with you.

Are there any restrictions or rules? 

Just a few: 

  •  Chewing gum and food or drinks are not allowed on the dance floor because they pose a serious health risk. 
  • Socks can also be dangerous, and we ask you to dance barefoot or wear shoes (see above). We also ask you to remove jewellery that can limit your movements or that has sharp edges. 
  • If you are receiving medical care for any physical or mental health issues please seek and follow your doctor’s advice prior to attending.
  • It is not allowed to join our classes under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 
  • No talking on the dance floor please. 
  • Our classes are a participatory experience - please no spectating. No filming or photography is permitted.