FoundationPlus Level (Level 1.3) Certification

 FoundationPlus Level (1.3) training covers the following:

  • freedomDANCE Elements Map: Practice and use in teaching
  • Generating ideas for a class
  • From ideas to a class plan
  • Structuring classes of up to three hours in duration
  • Creating rituals
  • Shadows as a constraint and as a resource
  • The relationship between a teacher and a group
  • Individual style and its value
  • Personal strengths and areas for growth
  • Powerful teacher’s bio and how to write it
  • Resources and professional development for teachers

Holders of our FoundationPlus Level (Level 1.3) Certificate can teach open freedomDANCE classes of up to 3 hours in duration and cover all our Level 1 content, including the Elements Map, which is not covered by Levels 1.1 and 1.2.