Our curriculum is organised into three levels, with three or more categories in each:

Level 1

This is the physical foundation of our dance meditation practice. Here, you will learn our main tool - freedomDANCE cycle of Opening-Transformation-Freedom - and different options to detail it further.

  • freedomDANCE Cycle
  • Body Map
  • Polarities Map
  • Elements Map

Level 2

At this level, you will be moving beyond short classes and attend on-going groups and workshops. These events are still open to everyone. However, they may require a more serious commitment; typically, various movement exercises, enquiries and experiments are added to our freedomDANCE cycle.

  • Unity: Levels of relationship explored through movement.
  • Life Lessons from the Dance Floor (Lessons): What can we take from our practice into our every-day life?
  • Synthesis: Combining freedomDANCE with other practices and interests.

Level 3

At this level, we work with themes that are potentially sensitive and require a particular level of trust in the group. The workshops are typically longer (from three days) and there are normally pre-requisites for attending.

  • Open Hearts: In 'From Fear to Love' and "Heart Wisdom' we work with emotional. In, 'Here I Am' the focus is on the personal process in front of a group witness
  • Life Line: Exploring personal history in motion.
  • Juice: Sexuality, Relationships, Creativity

Candidates to our Level 1 Teacher Training are required to cover the whole curriculum. Categories in bold as well as Here I Am workshop are pre-requisites for Start Level Teacher Training. You can request a personalised template to keep track of your progress in covering our curriculum - please write to