Become a Teacher

There's been a growing interest in teaching dance meditation, and we are delighted that we have something to offer to those who would like to take this path. We are proud of the level of the teacher training programmes that we have created and continue to develop. 

How do I start?

There are three components in Level 1.1 Teacher Training:

  1. Personal practice
  2. Training module
  3. Assignments

Personal practice component of the training is something that you can do right now! It's a particularly good time, actually, as many workshops are now available online. 

Here is a table that lists personal practice requirements for different kinds of Level 1 certification. This information will, hopefully, help you organise your practice.

Training module and assignments are available for the participants of the teaching course.  You can still join the 2021 Start Level Teacher Training. The training module will take place no later than November 2021, either in-person or online. All details will be finalised once we have eight approved candidates through a discussion with those candidates. We want to accommodate those who study with us the best we can in terms of the logistics. We aim to announce the dates and location (or online!) no later than by the end of July.

We've been running teacher trainings since 2014. These programmes are not only about providing useful information and even more than just transferring knowledge. For us, it is important that each of our teachers feels the experience of several generations of teachers behind their backs. Our course is an initiation into tradition. That’s why we invite the leading and most experienced conscious movement teachers to join our faculty. The following experts have been training our teachers over the years:

  • Alex Svoboda
  • Alexa Schmid
  • Andrew Holmes
  • Bodhi Hunt
  • Debora Jay-Lewin
  • Lori Salzman
  • Jo Hardy
  • Ruth Hirst
  • Sue Rickards

If you are interested in these programmes, please read other articles on this websites. You can send any questions to Our programme administrator will be happy to help you and add you to our training mailing list. We can also create a personalised template for you so that you can track of your progress with building your experience and covering our curriculum.