16 June 2024

freedomDANCE with Natalie Tsirlina

About a workshop

An online ongoing group. Three sessions, 2 hours each.

Exploration of the freedomDANCE Elements Map. Our cycle is always rooted in the energy of the Earth, nurtured by the energy of Water, and inspired by the energy of Fire. Later in the cycle, we shake it all up with the energy of Mixture. Then we enjoy the lightness of Air and calm down in the energy of Ether.

Exploring this map always brings valuable insights and helps dancers broaden their body vocabulary.

An international group. Taught in two languages: English and Russian.

This 3-day journey is part of the freedomDANCE curriculum and serves as a personal practice component of freedomDANCE teacher training: 6 hours of Level 1, Category: Elements.

Level 1, Category: Elements Map. 6 hours.

Time: February 7, 14, 21, from 9 to 11 am

Platform: Zoom

Tuition: £65

Contact: Natalie +7 916 120 2122 (WhatsApp)