29 November - 1 December 2019

Juice: Sexuality, Relationships, Creativity - freedomDANCE

About a workshop

JUICE - a freedomDANCE® workshop with Alex Svoboda and Julia Malik

This workshop is a safe space for exploring our creative life-force energy through conscious movement. This energy which expresses itself, among other things, through sexuality, is a juice that flows through each of us. Finally, here is an advanced freedomDANCE workshop in London that fully focuses on that JUICE!

We will do everything possible to ensure that personally, you feel safe exploring topics that are often highly personal and sensitive:

  • We will take time to get to know each other through dance and create an atmosphere of trust;
  • We will be in a company of people who share familiarity with conscious movement (hence, the pre-requisites);
  • We will be guided by two highly experienced facilitators.

Dance can't exist without life-force energy. Furthermore, dance often activates sexuality! All those things that we usually censor out manifest themselves when we are dancing. Dancing gives us the highest degree of self-expression, authenticity and intimacy. Sometimes this energy takes over us, highjacks our brains. What does it all mean? What do I do with this creative-sexual energy that arises on the dance floor? What can be done with it so that enriches our experience and helps us grow?

The same energy is a catalyst in our relationships outside the dance floor. How much do we know about attraction, contact and ultimate intimacy? Do we know what activates this energy? What is acceptable for us, what serves us and what doesn't? How can we express our sexual preferences so that our partner 'gets it'?

Many of us who practice conscious movement regularly have experienced how life-force energy can transform into the highest form of openness and intimacy on the dance floor, without any actions of sexual nature. Can we experience the same in our everyday life?

The main intention of our practice is to bring awareness into all aspects of our life so that our unconscious reactions give way to our choice. It is time to apply this approach and use our favourite and tested movement tools to work with sexuality and how it manifests itself on the dance floor and in our life!

Our facilitators:

Alex Svoboda (London) - founder of freedomDANCE® school of dance meditation and conscious movement. He runs teacher training and workshops internationally. Alex has studied directly with pioneers of conscious movement Anna Halprin and Gabrielle Roth. He is published author and experienced University and corporate training facilitator.

Julia Malik (Russia) - a Level 2 certified freedomDANCE® teacher - an experienced psychotherapist and therapy group facilitator. Julia is the Managing Director of Agape Centre for Systemic Therapy and the President of the Russian EMDR Therapists Association.

All weekend, including Friday:

  • Regular: £140
  • Early Bird: £110 (till October 30th)
    Friday only: £12


  • 20 hours of practice in modalities approved by International Conscious Movement Teachers Association: freedomDANCE, Open Floor, Movement Medicine, 5Rhythms and Soul Motion.

To book and for more info contact Atmo Chaitanya (email below).


To buy tickets online follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/juice-sexuality-relationships-creativity-freedomdance-tickets-68019717807


Making dance meditation and conscious movement accessible is an important part of freedomDANCE’s mission. That’s why freedomDANCE Fund offers scholarship to those who are sincerely dedicated to the practice and contributing to building our dancing community but unable to pay in full. You need to ask the Fund to support you at least three weeks ahead of the event that you are interested in. For more details please contact Atmo, our organiser.