Become a Teacher

There's been a growing interest in teaching dance meditation, and we are delighted that we have something to offer to those who would like to take this path. We are proud of the level of the teacher training programmes that we have created and continue to develop. 

We've been running Level 1 Teacher Trainings since 2014. It's a year-long programme that usually consists of three modules as well as multiple assignments, working in small groups and one-to-one work with a tutor.

These programmes are not only about providing useful information and even more than just transferring knowledge. For us, it is important that each of our teachers feels the experience of several generations of teachers behind their backs. Our course is an initiation into tradition. That’s why we invite the leading and most experienced conscious movement teachers to join our faculty. The following experts have been training our teachers over the years:

  • Alex Svoboda
  • Alexa Schmid
  • Andrew Holmes
  • Bodhi Hunt
  • Debora Jay-Lewin
  • Jo Hardy
  • Lori Salzman
  • Jo Hardy
  • Ruth Hirst
  • Sue Rickards

We are very selective about who gets on the teacher training. In fact, candidates must have a lot of practice hours and cover the whole freedomDANCE curriculum even before they get admitted.

In 2020, we are launching our Start Level Teacher Training. Graduates of this programme will be able to deliver shorter and more focused classes. They will be trained in the shortest time possible without compromising our standards of professionalism and quality. 

The entry requirements for Start Level Programme are lower than for Level 1, but they are still very high!

If you are interested in these programmes, please write to [email protected] and request full information on our next trainings. We will also create a personalised template for your that can help you keep track of your progress with building your experience and covering our curriculum.