ICMTA stands for the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association. FreedomDANCE as a school is proud to belong to the ICMTA. Our teacher-training programmes are accredited by the Association. FreedomDANCE teachers and trainees are individual member of the Association, and adhere to its high professional and ethical standards.

ICMTA is our international dance umbrella, which in addition to freedomDANCE includes representatives of other highly reputable schools of conscious movement; namely: Open Floor, 5Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Soul Motion. The Association serves as a resource for professional development, holds regular meetings of teachers, supports the exchange of experience, and provides a forum for mutual support.

ICMTA is also a valuable resource for dancers. On the Association’s website you can find information about conscious movement worldwide.

The Association is an independent non-profit organization registered in Belgium. Like the school freedomDANCE, ICMTA’s structure and management are grounded in the principles of dynamic social management.