Foundation Level (Level 1.2) Certification

The following material will be covered in the Foundation Level (1.2) training: 

·      freedomDANCE Polarities map: Practice and use in teaching. 

·      Movement qualities expressed through nine main polarities.

·      Embodying different qualities in movement.

·      The practice of creating soundscapes for classes. 

·      The practice of giving instructions and guidance during a class. 

·      Exercise design and presentation. 

·      Developing themes for a class and effective methods of presentation and demonstration.

·      Structuring classes of up to two hours in duration.

·      Dealing with emotional triggers and archetypal roles on the dance floor. 

·      How to talk about the practice and promote our classes.

·      Grounding and centring techniques.

·      Overview of the freedomDANCE Elements Map.

Holders of our Foundation Level (Level 1.2) Certificate can teach open freedomDANCE classes of up to 2 hours in duration and cover Polarities map in addition to Start Level material.