20 March 2024

Body Map. Online ongoing group with Natalie Tsirlina.

About a workshop

Ongoing group. Two sessions 3 hours each.

Exploration of freedomDANCE body map.

From feet up - is the core route we use in freedomDANCE cycle. We start with also giving attention to our gravity centre. These are like roots for a tree. Lower part of our body is the Opening. And then while Transformation part of our cycle we give attention to the back side of our body, the one not seen but very important. In Freedom we explore the arms, where do they start? How do we blossom in movement? How do we share our dance and connect with the others? Exploration of this map always supports dancers with enriching their body vocabulary.

International group. Tought in two languages (English and Russian).

This journey is part of the freedomDANCE curriculum study component of our teacher trainings: 6 hours of Level 1.

Level 1, Category: Elements Map. 6 hours.

Time: March 13, 20 at 9am - 12pm


Tuition: £65

Contact: Natalie +7 916 120 2122 (whatsApp, Telegram)