Olesya Kovalskaya

Olesya Kovalskaya

About teacher

I was born in Moldova. And grew up in Siberia. I grew professionally and personally in Moscow. Then turned my life 180 degrees in Asia. And started a family in Europe. Now I'm living in Odessa.

And there is something permanent in the chain of changes - this is aDdance. Various dances - from traditional Moldavian, tango and waltz, to modern dance in the Moscow TSEKH.

My meeting with the practice of freedomDANCE happened inside the Planetary Dance, which was conducted by Alex Svoboda, the founder of the School of Meditation in Dance, in Kiev in 2015. Planetary dance is a collective, synchronized movement for healing. The outer circle of the dance describes the universe and volumetric presence, the middle circle manifests our material nature outside, the inner circle focuses on the spirit. And in the center of the circle is the resting point. Once at this point, being pregnant with Gayatri, I felt the external movement, which coincides with the movement inside - so obvious that, perhaps, I can call this place my enlightenment. I saw a dance that surrounds me from the outside, and fills me from the inside, leaving me - a small layer between them.

I would say that at that moment I experienced enlightenment and CO-union with dance. Dance has become my religion, a tool for living events of life, emotional impressions, storytelling.

Therefore, in my classes, the theme, the idea, the question with which we go to dance and the path within which something happens, perhaps a gap, like a space between what was and what has not become, is important for me.

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