24 February 2024

Seeds and Blossoms: An Online freedomDANCE Lab (1/4)

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About a workshop

Seeds and Blossoms: An Online freedomDANCE Lab with Dr. Alex Svoboda

Online 24 February and 9, 16, and 23 March 2024 9:00 am to 10:00 noon (UK time)

Join Dr. Alex Svoboda, the visionary founder of freedomDANCE, in an in-depth online group, "Seeds and Blossoms." These four sessions offer a unique opportunity to combine your personal dance exploration with insights from Dr. Svoboda about his pioneering research presented in his upcoming book, "Action-Oriented Mindfulness.”

In “Seeds and Blossoms," we will delve into the essence of freedomDANCE as an action-oriented mindfulness practice. Under Dr. Svoboda's guidance, experience the transformative fusion of dance and mindfulness, where directed attention to the body and inner sensations seamlessly blends with creative action.

True to the spirit of freedomDANCE, your dance practice will be at the heart of the learning experience. Embrace this opportunity to experience the transformative power of freedomDANCE, which goes beyond exercise, dance, or traditional mindfulness practices, offering additional unique and valuable benefits.

About the Teacher

Dr. Svoboda's academic background spans psychology, management, education, and history, and his professional journey includes roles as an analyst, manager, and training facilitator at renowned organisations. A prolific author and an international teacher based in London, Dr. Svoboda is dedicated to making freedomDANCE more widely available. For more information about Dr. Alex Svoboda and freedomDANCE, visit www.freedom-dance.com and follow @AlexSvobodaOfficial on Instagram.


£123 (£93 if paid in full before 3 February)

For bookings and more information, please contact Diana on +79523783055 (WhatsApp/ Telegram) or info@freedom-dance.comon.

Join us in this special online group to embark on a journey of self-discovery, planting the seeds of attention and nurturing the blossoms of your creative action.