14 January 2023

Lifting the Curtain

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About a workshop

Lifting the Curtain a freedomDANCE Teacher Training Lab with Alex Svoboda and Friends

This workshop is designed as an introduction to our Start Level teacher training for those who are interested in becoming freedomDANCE teachers.

Only three hours and so much to learn! Here are some of the highlights:

  • freedomDANCE Cycle: our main method and why it works

  • Trying it out - you will put a teacher’s hat on!

  • Three main components of freedomDANCE teacher training: (1) Personal practice (2) Training module (3) Assignments

  • Reflections and tips from graduates

  • Getting your questions answered… by graduates and faculty!

  • Practical steps to take in order to start your teacher training journey

  • Costs

  • Financial assistance opportunities

The cost is £33 and it’s counted towards your training module cost should you proceed with our training.


For further information and to register please contact Tatiana, our Teacher Training Administrator on teacher-training@freedom-dance.com .