21 - 22 January 2023

Taste of Life

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How much do we really taste what we take in?

Food and fluids literally keep us alive... our human system needs nourishment, sustenance, energy... What else are we taking in when we eat? Is eating and drinking only functional, or is it spiritual as well? What do we really taste?

A weekend to explore our longing, not only to survive, but to fully taste our aliveness...

Two days to explore the borders of the symbolic and physical world by tasting some of the words we dance with in our movement practice...

How might earth or fire taste in your mouth? What does trusting, or struggling to trust life, actually taste like? What is your particular story around feeding yourself or being fed? What flavours are you?

Come and dance with these questions and curiosities and possibilities... come and spend a weekend in the nourishment of our community, the support of our movement practice and the sensuality of tasting rituals...

Nino will supply different tastes especially created for this workshop.

This workshop is classified as Level 2 (Synthesis Category, FEEL FREE series). Open to anyone; no prior experiences needed. Approved for the purposes of freedomDANCE teacher training and professional development.