20 April 2024

Here I Am: A Taster

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Here I Am: A Taster An online lab with Alex Svoboda 20 April, 9 am to 1 pm (UK)

'Here I Am’ is a signature structure developed by Alex Svoboda, the founder of freedomDANCE. It involves a facilitated exploration of either different ways to dance or addressing ‘real life’ questions through movement, supported by a group witness. This structure offers a space for vulnerability and visibility, inviting participants to move in their truth, to shine and be seen in the light of genuine presence and support.

The next opportunity to experience the power of this work fully will be in Turkey at the retreat called ‘You Are Not Alone’ on 10 to 15 May. Alex is running the Here I Am lab on 20 April online as a taster, so you can make an informed decision to join a longer workshop, this May or any time in the future.

Here’s what Alex says about the lab:

'I’ve always been drawn to working one-on-one, helping people unlock their new ways to dance and discover insights about their lives through conscious movement. It’s funny enough that I end up running mostly group sessions! 'Here I Am' blends the benefits of both — my impact as your personal freedomDANCE coach is amplified by the support you get from the group.

I genuinely feel I’m at my best facilitating 'Here I Am'. I love this work and want more of you to experience it. This lab is my way to show what it’s all about to a wider circle of dancers.'

PREREQUISITES This is a Level 3 freedomDANCE workshop, and you need to have at least 20 hours of prior freedomDANCE practice under your belt to participate.

TEACHER TRAINING CREDITS The lab is approved for the purposes of freedomDANCE teacher training and professional development and is counted as 4 hours of Level 3 ('Here I Am').

TUITION £53 (£33 if paid fully by 12 April)

CONTACTS For bookings and more information, please contact Diana on +79523783055 (WhatsApp/Telegram) or info@freedom-dance.com.

It is the first time that Alex is offering this lab. Be with us if you love his 'Here I Am' work already. Join us if you are curious to learn about it.