19 November - 4 December 2022

Here I Am, a six-day intensive

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About a workshop

Here I Am – is a freedomDANCE six-day intensive with Alex Svoboda.

Online 9:00 – 12:00 (UK)
19-20, 26-27 November, 4-5 December\

Being seen is one of those things that we most want and are most scared of
that is where we are going with Here I Am. We are going to be seen!
Seen by a partner.
Seen by the whole group of fellow travellers on this journey of self-discovery, creativity and healing.

Here I am.
Just as I am.
No masks.
No armour.
Just a human soul in a moving body.
Just a dancer.

We will move.
We will connect.
We will support each other.
We will play and find pleasure in beautiful surroundings.
We will nourish our bodies and spirits.

About the facilitator:
Alex Svoboda is the founder of freedomDANCE® school of dance meditation and conscious movement. He runs teacher trainings and workshops internationally. Alex has studied directly with such pioneers of conscious movement as Anna Halprin and Gabrielle Roth. He is a published author and experienced University and corporate training facilitator.

– 20 hours of practice, including a two-day workshop.

Cost (for six sessions): £119 if paid before 31 October
£139 thereafter\

Making dance meditation and conscious movement accessible is an important part of freedomDANCE’s mission. That’s why freedomDANCE Fund offers scholarships to those who are sincerely dedicated to the practice and contributing to building our dancing community but unable to pay in full. You need to ask the Fund to support you at least three weeks ahead of the event that you are interested in. https://freedom-dance.com/ru/about/freedom-dance-foundation-3

For more details please contact Diana, our organiser:
info@freedom-dance.com; +7 952 378 3055 (WhatsApp).