29 - 30 October 2022

Event cancelled Take your place - Online workshop with Bodie Hunt

About a workshop

29-30 October 2022 Level 2 Synthesis

Take your place
freedomDANCE + Mindfullness

In Mindfulness we say ‘take your seat’… a moment to set intention, to turn our attention to breath, body and feel our way into the present moment… in movement/dance we can say ‘take your place’! How do we find our way into connection, how do we wake up from our habitual patterns and step into the new… We open, we transform, we renew, again and again we dance - a new dance..

A weekend of synthesis with Mindfulness and FreedomDANCE (level 2) freedomDANCE cycle and Mindfulness body-related (somatic) Practices.

My intention for the seminar is for you to walk away with a new perspective on ‘Mindfulness’ linked with the body.

Mindfulness is really all about being embodied, connected to the body, the ground and the heart. Can we be authentic in our wakefulness, rich in all our dimensions, open to relating and feeling whole in our being…

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