26 - 29 April 2024

freedomDANCE Level 1.1 Training Module

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freedomDANCE Teacher Training

2024 Start Level (Level 1.1) Module

We are now inviting applications to our 2024 Start Level Teacher Training Module for Gay Men!

What is the Level 1.1 Teacher Training Module?

This training module prepares teachers to deliver shorter and highly focused classes. We aim to get our trainees ready to teach quickly while upholding our highest standards of professionalism and quality.

What Can the Level 1.1 Training Give You?

  • Personal experience and skills applicable to any area of your life and work, lasting a lifetime.
  • Upon meeting all requirements, a Certificate authorising to teach open freedomDANCE classes of up to one hour.
  • Upon completion of additional prerequisites, an opportunity to continue studying with us towards Level 1.2 and beyond and remain eligible for Student Membership in International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA).

Dates and Venue

Here are the dates (UK times, break times to be confirmed):

Online 11, 13, 14, 18 April


  • 26 April - from 2:30 pm
  • 27 April - full day
  • 28 April - full day
  • 29 April - completing by 4:30 pm

Hours of Tuition:

  • Online - 14 hours
  • In-person - 22 hours
  • Grand total - 36 hours

The in-person part of the training will take place in a private house in Kent. The nearest station is Walmer, from where a car pick-up will be arranged.

Those people who share a room will pay £140 each, while the rest will pay £155 each. This covers both the use of the house and food. After the module’s start date, you have 6 months to work on assignments, teach practice classes, complete a service requirement, and attend peer support sessions as well as individual and group sessions with your course tutor. Your Level 1.1 training course will be completed on 10 October 2024.

Minimum freedomDANCE Practice Prerequisites

To be eligible, you must cover all components of the freedomDANCE curriculum listed below or have a realistic plan to cover them before the end of training by 10 October 2024:

  • Practice dance meditation for at least a year.
  • 120 hours of freedomDANCE practice with accredited teachers.
  • At least 80 hours of approved freedomDANCE Level 2 and 3 workshops and ongoing groups.
  • At least 40 hours of approved freedomDANCE Level 3 workshops and ongoing groups.
  • An approved freedomDANCE workshop of at least 3 days (18 hours) in duration.
  • Approved workshops or ongoing groups covering specific components of the freedomDANCE curriculum:

*** Level 1

  • freedomDANCE Cycle - at least 1 day (6 hours).
  • Body Map - at least 1 day (6 hours).
  • Polarities - at least 1 day (6 hours).
  • Elements - at least 1 day (6 hours).

*** Level 2

  • Unity - at least 2 days (12 hours).

*** Level 3

  • Open Hearts - Here I Am workshop - at least 3 days (18 hours).

Extending Your Training

Your Level 1.1 Teacher Training course will finish on 10 October 2024. All assignments must be completed and accepted by your training tutor before that date to avoid paying additional fees.

What happens if you need more time?

You can extend your training with us under specific conditions:

  • Maintaining membership in the freedomDANCE School OR paying £33 for each additional year of maintaining the trainee status.

  • Maintaining student membership in the International Conscious Movement Teachers Association (ICMTA).

To be certified after 10 October 2024, a special review needs to be organised and financed. The cost for this review is £93 (£63 for freedomDANCE school participants), and the payment will be due after agreeing on the review start date with the training coordinator. Feedback to trainees is provided within 3 weeks after the agreed review start date. If necessary, an additional week is given to trainees for completing assignments, after which a final decision regarding certification is made and communicated within 2 weeks. If certification is not approved, additional reviews can be organised following the same procedure.


For any questions, please contact Tatyana, our course coordinator, at teacher-training@freedom-dance.com . She can provide you with an application form, a template for recording and counting your prerequisite dance practice hours as well as general advice.