17 May 2024

freedomDANCE in Athenes

About a workshop

🌀freedomDANCE brings back to us the invaluable resource that dancing has been originally in human history:

▪ Dancing as an escape from the daily business, challenges, hardships and separation

▪ Dancing as a way to connect deeply, with oneself and with other people

▪ Dancing as a reminder about what is invisible but critically important

Just like every tribe member participated in dancing in traditional societies, freedomDANCE makes dancing accessible to everyone. The practice relies on the simple and natural individual movement response rather than any choreography. The level of fitness, dance experience, age, etc. are not important.

If you’ve never done anything like this it’s definitely worth giving it a go!


🌀Alex Svoboda, Ph.D., is the founder of freedomDANCE, a scholar, author of books and articles, former business resaercher, manager and University instructor. His approach is simple and accessble, yet surprisingly deep and potentially transformational. Alex studied with the lagends of conscious dance Anna Halprin and Gabrielle Roth. Through them, he received a unique combination of influences that entails recognition of the healing power of dance rooted in the ancient traditions, working with the body to unlock full human potential from the humanistic psychology and dance movement therapy as well as a focus on sponteaneity and improvisation from modern and post-modern dance

🌎 Languages: The class will be taught in English and Russian.


▪ Sober only

▪ Dancing barefoot or wearing clean shoes that don’t leave marks on the floor (no street shoes)

▪ Phones off and no talking on the dance floor

▪ No photos or videos

▪ Please bring plenty of water to drink during and after the class

CONTACT Tania Apet, +306971711991 (Telegram)