28 January - 12 February 2023

Life Line

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Life Line an online course with Alex Svoboda

28-29 January, 4-5 and 11-12 February 2023. 9:00 am to 12:00 noon (UK)

Life Line is an in-depth course where we get to know our personal history in a new way - through conscious movement. We do this in order to understand where on the line of life we ​​are at the moment, to salute what we have lived through and to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.

Embarking on this extremely personal exploration, we will meet with the universal human archetypes: mother, father, child - to take a bird-eye look at our current situation, in order to see the main motives and basic patterns behind the details.

We will also draw on our most trusted tool, the freedomDANCE cycle. Opening. Transformation. Freedom. These three words will take on a new meaning as we apply them to our lives.

Opening is our childhood. At this stage, we receive a lot from outside and open a lot for ourselves. Someone feeds and cares for us so that we survive and grow. Gradually, we get to know the outside world. We meet other people and venture into the world of relationships.

Transformation is a fundamental feature of life, which becomes especially pronounced from the adolescence and includes numerous metamorphoses which we go through later in our lives. Wave after wave! As soon as we achieve some kind of stability, something is sure to happen that pushes us to change again and discover unfamiliar aspects of ourselves.

If Transformation is a process of becoming mature on many levels, then Freedom is maturity itself. This is the time when we expand, share, and give effortlessly. Increasingly, we influence this world through other people - our students, children, grandchildren ... We are gradually dissolving into others. Our mission has been accomplished. We can even return our body to the Universe, gaining our ultimate freedom.

Let's dance with attention and dedication. So that we can live with awareness and grace.

You need to have at least 20 hours of freedomDANCE experience in order to participate. If you have doubts or ideas about meeting this requirement please talk to us. We will help you.

The course is approved for the purposes of freedomDANCE teacher training and professional development (Level 3, Life Line category).