13 May 2021

Land touches Sky / Sky touches Land - freedomDANCE Online with Bodie Hunt

About a workshop

The Elements Ground and Air

As an offering and introduction to the fD Elements workshop in June with Bodie.

In this 1.5 hour class - Let us explore the interplay between body and breath. The ground of the dance, the land on which we stand and how it touches sky, how we dance with the air we touch and the breath we breathe…

Exploring the fD cycle in the big dance - how big can we go and not lose the very ground under our feet. This is where I begin and end - this is where others begin and end. This is the mystery. The space in-between.

Join this short and profound class, bring yourself and your willingness to move and be moved with curiosity.

About Bodie

Bodie Hunt is a wise and inspiring teacher of movement and meditation with a decade and a half experience. According to dancers and colleagues, Bodie has his own special magic, consisting of subtlety of perception, beauty of presentation, amazing musical taste and deep respect for various aspects of human nature.

In his space, one can calmly and reliably immerse oneself in the very depths of their experience. Bodie lives and works in London, where he has taught a regular conscious dance class all these years, having previously studied with Gabrielle Roth, creator of 5Rhythms, at the Heartbeat and Wave levels.

He is currently a teachers' mentor for the Open Floor International School training program and a certified freedomDANCE teacher and faculty member who also works with freedomDANCE trainees as a mentor.

Bodie is a master of meditation and leads courses on Mindfulness, he also works with clients as a psychotherapist.


May 13
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm UK time

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5 Euros - if paid together with the ELEMENTS workshop June 5-6 (Early Bird price 45 Euros/Pounds until May 16th)

10 Euros - single class

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