31 May - 5 June 2022


About a workshop

INSPIRATION The name of this retreat has a special meaning. Alex dedicates a year of his teaching to celebrating the memory of his teacher Anna Halprin. Anna can be considered a pioneer of contemporary use of dance for personal growth and healing. it is her legacy is the inspiration for the retreat.

We will explore different levels of relationships (from ourselves all the way to the Universe!) as well as our personal history. Anna Halprin's brilliant techniques and structures - such as self-portrait, polarities, including natural environment - will support us on our journey. We will also hold Anna's Planetary Dance, a collective ritual of peace and healing as part of the retreat. Anna wanted to leave the Planetary Dance as her main legacy.

PLACE Sundance (Turkey, the nearest airport is Antalya) is one of our favourite spots. We will have two beaches, lots of beautiful nature and a wonderful dance space. It's a unique place hidden away from mass tourism where we can be immersed in nature. www.sundancecamp.com

PRE-REQUISITES This retreat is classified as 12 hours of Level 2 (Unity category) and 18 hours of Level 3 (LifeLine category). It can be part of your freedomDANCE teacher training.

10 hours of prior freedomDANCE practice is highly recommended. If you have questions about this requirement or need help with fulfilling it please speak to our organiser.

PROGRAMME The retreat will start with an opening dance at 6:30 pm on 31 May. We will get to know each other and shake after travelling.

The dance part of the retreat will finish on 5 June by 12:30 pm. There will be lunch at 1 pm and time for goodbyes after that.

On other days, we will have two three-hour session. And, of course, there will be time to enjoy the sun, sea and the Mediterranean nature.

COSTS You costs will consist of the following:

  • the retreat itself
  • food and lodging
  • travel

Price of the retreat:

  • €263 - if fully paid before the end of March
  • €293 - if fully paid before the end of April
  • €333 - from 1 May

Food and lodging Spaces are limited. You need to make a full payment for the retreat in order to book a place. Payment for food and lodging will be collected upon your arrival. There are several types of accommodation. In all cases, breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Prices for the whole retreat (from dinner on 31 May to lunch on 5 June), per person:

  • €150 - Tree house for 2;
  • €175 - Tree lodge for 2-3 people;
  • €225-250 - small bungalow;
  • €250-275 - larger bungalow (the most popular option!)/ The earlier you book, the more choice you have!!!

ORGANISER Please contact Nino, our organiser. She will be happy to help you! [email protected]

See you at Sundance! +436643853418 (WhatsApp/Telegram)