12 - 14 June 2021

Here I Am

About a workshop

Here I Am
a freedomDANCE intensive with Alex Svoboda

Being seen is one of those things that we most want and are most scared of. And that is where we are going with Here I Am.

We are going to be seen.
Seen by a partner.
Seen by the whole group of fellow travellers on this journey of self-discovery, creativity and healing.

Here I am
Just as I am
No masks
No armour
Just a human soul in a moving body
Just a dancer\

We will move
We will connect
We will support each other
We will nourish our bodies and spirits\

Feel free to join us if you love dance, meditation and conscious movement, and have danced with freedomDANCE teachers for at least 20 hours.

Be with us if you are already teaching conscious movement, or thinking about becoming a teacher.

If you are not sure please speak to us and we can help you to prepare and get the most out of this adventure.