6 August 2022

#freedomDANCEonline with Olesya Kovalskaya

About a workshop

freedomDANCE is the practice of meditation and conscious movement in dance.

Dance is a sequential or chaotic inclusion in the movement of body parts following the rhythm of music, breathing or the surrounding space, including the witness or partner / s in the dance.

The dance can be motionless. We can dance in our fantasy and at this time, the areas of the brain that are activated during real movement also signal the presence of activity there.

Accordingly, we can enjoy the dance in any way - in mobility or immobility.

The practice of freedomDANCE brings out those parts of your body or movement patterns that you know, and also gives you the opportunity to look or highlight or create space for the birth of a new one.

In addition, group meetings - especially now - are a circle of support in a way that is accepted and recognized by its participants.

I invite those to whom the body rings to freedomDANCE classes.

Every Saturday from 9 to 10:30 UK A small contribution to your movement 🌀

Olesya Kovalskaya Teacher of freedomDANCE: school of meditation in dance and conscious movement International Conscious Movement Teachers Association ICMTA

Pay whatever you can from 1€ to 11€ https://paypal.me/digitalpeoplenetwork

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