24 - 25 August 2019

The Wise One & The Innocent

About a workshop

The Wise One & The Innocent

A 5 Rhythms Workshop

with Andrew Holmes

What do you know? And how do you live from that knowledge?

This weekend we will dance with two archetypes to explore different ways of experiencing and being in life. Archetypes are core energies, deep truths of human potential that await our exploration and embodiment. By moving with the Wise One and the Innocent, we expand our range of possibility, and deepen our understanding of ourselves. We’ll reclaim the simplicity of an open heart, and learn to rest our mind in the presence of Spirit. In the balance of these complementary energies, there’s space for our soul to rest and play. Wise minds, old bones, childlike eyes, and trusting hearts.. rich resources to draw on in our everyday lives.

Andrew has been teaching the 5 Rhythms for more than twenty years, and is one of the most respected teachers in Europe. He studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth, and runs workshops in many countries. He worked as a theatre director for 20 years, and lives in England with his partner Sharon.

Andrew teaches with precise subtlety, imperceptibly guiding you deep, without fuss. His gentle compassion creates a safe space in which transformation can happen. He works with a light touch, and an embodied intelligence, bringing great delight to the spiritual practice he loves.

“How lovely it is to be in your wise, safe, healing presence.

The depth and simplicity of your teaching is stunning”