4 - 5 December 2021

Edge to Edge

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  • 4 and 5 December
  • 9:00 to 12:00 (UK) both days

‘Everything can be expressed as a polarity’ — Anna Halprin

Edge to Edge is a Level 1 Polarities workshop where we work with extremes and the space between them.

The freedomDANCE cycle, our main method, is underpinned by a fundamental ‘activate and settle’ polarity:

  • We activate in Opening
  • We stay at the peak in Transformation
  • We settle in Freedom.

We can also use polarities to break down each of the three stages:

  • ‘Include and Express’ in Opening
  • ‘Release and Renew’ in Transformation
  • ‘Expand and Witness’ in Freedom

On top of that, in freedomDANCE, we work with different polarities to discover new movement vocabulary. Everything is just so easy, obvious and clear when we embody the opposites: big or small, high or low, open or closed, etc. Once we know the extremes, we can also find comfort in knowing that at any time we can be anywhere in-between as well!

Join us if you are curious about this concept and learning tool that is central to freedomDANCE. Finally, we are dedicating a special event that consists of two 3-hour sessions to this. It's an opportunity to taste the richness that playing with polarities adds to our movement experience and our knowledge of ourselves!

This is a Level 1 workshop and no prior experience is required in order to participate.

COST Early-bird price: £46 From 29 November: £63

If you have any questions please contact our organiser: Diana Email: [email protected] WhatsApp: +7 (952) 378-30-55