3 - 8 October 2021

Celebrating Life

About a workshop

Celebrating Life with Alex Svoboda and Friends Sundance, Turkey 3-8 October 2021

This event brings together Alex’s dancing friends to celebrate all the joys that life gives us.

It’s not going to be an ordinary retreat! Alex’s own teaching will be limited to several sessions weaved around Life Line themes. Only the favourite exercises that help to honour the path that we have travelled and get inspired to continue the dance of life.

Alex is joined by Pavel Timashkov and other teachers. There will be shamanic practices, yoga, creativity workshops and visits to local attractions. Everyone will be able to choose something that they would like to do and also enjoy the beautiful weather (around 26 degrees) and the most peaceful and warm sea.


Pavel Timashkov, PhD, is a certified wilderness guide and experienced shamanic practitioner. His sessions will take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings of Sundance and give an opportunity to connect with nature and oneself.

Please register your interest with Alena Gavrilenko: [email protected] +380975575892 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber)