18 September 2021

Awaken the Dancer ~ freedomDANCE Online with Bodie Hunt

About a workshop

Awaken the Dancer

In movement we ‘awaken the dancer’ to the holy trinity of ground, body and breathe…. We wake up! We feel! We move!

The invitation will be to step onto the floor and embody our freedomDANCE practice with this trinity as our guide to awaken to the dance and animal body that lays just underneath.

This class forms part of a weekend online seminar ‘Animal Body’ and could be seen as a warm-up for this event or a stand-alone offering.

All are welcome

Class will be in English with translation into Russian (in the same zoom room)

This class will contain a flavour of the upcoming workshop Animal Body, 16-17 October


Date 18 September
Time 9 30 - 11 00 am UK
Cost 10 pounds


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[email protected] (Nathalie)

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We look forward to welcoming you..