Alex Svoboda in Greece

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Skyros, 30 Jun 2019 - 14 Jul 2019

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Address: Skyros, Skyros

Contact: ,

Here I Am

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Kyiv, 12 Oct 2019 - 14 Oct 2019

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Address: Vynil, 33-37, Hlybochytska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine

Contact: +380503526756 (Viber, WhatsApp),

Lands of Plenty

with Alex Svoboda and Pavel Timashkov

Next workshop: Cambridge, 03 Aug 2019

conscious movement & shamanic practice

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” (Albert Einstein)

Lands of Plenty…
Have we only wished these lands to be true or are they really there just a breath away from us?
How to consciously enter these lands and explore their terrains?
What are we searching for in the Lands of Plenty?
How to grow, flourish and strengthen oneself through each step in the Lands of Plenty?
These are the questions we will inquire into through the dance, movement and contemplation.
We will focus on three keys to the Lands of Plenty. All three keys must be used, yet only one sequence opens the doorway.

On the next day, 4 August, there will be opportunities, exclusive to the workshop’s participants, to go deeper with their individual explorations of their path to abundance in any aspect of life:

⦁ One-to-one shamanic sessions with Pavel (limited to three people)
⦁ Here I Am freedomDANCE sessions with Alex (limited to five sessions with any number of witnesses)

Level 2. Category: Synthesis.

Workshop: £75 (£55 if paid fully until 7 June)
Shamanic one-to-one session and Here I Am: £20

Alex Svoboda is the founder of freedomDANCE school of dance meditation and conscious movement. He runs teacher trainings and workshops internationally. Alex is a published author and experienced University and corporate training instructor.

Pavel Timashkov is a shamanic practitioner and a qualified wilderness guide. He has been studying shamanism with Chris Luttichau since 2009. For Pavel shamanic work is a never-ending quest for a strong path - the path of responsibility, the path of respect, the path of being of service, the path of remembrance that one is a human being.

Address: To be announced, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, East of England, England, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7989 353 602,

Sacred Ground

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: La Bartra, 15 Sep 2019 - 20 Sep 2019

This time, by popular demand, we will again dance at La Bartra, an exceptionally unique and beautiful venue… Within only three hours from Barcelona. Located at the heart of Prades Mountains in Tarragona, at an altitude of 725 meters, La Bartra is one of those special places where nature has been generous in creating fanciful shapes: canyons, cliffs, hills, streams and sources, intertwining in perfect harmony and simplicity. It is amazingly quiet and grounding place. “Love at first sight and Love as it is” as people who know it say.

Dance is a Ritual

Breath is a Spirit

Body is our Sacred Ground

Why do we need to go away looking for a place where we are fully present, where we can experience peace? What do we achieve when we retreat from work, family, friends, all the demands and business of our daily life? What do we find?

our body… our breathing body… our breathing body that moves… a dance…

During a few days together, we will take time to acknowledge the sacredness of our physicality. We will give our full attention to different body parts and discover how that creates different kinds of movement and different energies. We will dance full on and there will be moments to be gentle and slow. At times, we will dance alone in our inner journey, and there will be moments where we will hold space to bear witness to other sacred moving bodies in their journey.

A sacred land.

A sacred time.

A moving meditation journey.

A pilgrimage walk, except the sacred grounds we are walking is our own physical and inner terrain.

This is a third level retreat (Open Heart category). Feel free to join us if you love dance, meditation and conscious movement, and have danced with freedomDANCE teachers or any other ICMTA member teachers for at least 20 hours.

Be with us if you are already teaching conscious movement, or thinking about becoming a teacher.

P.S. If you are not sure please speak to us and we can help you to prepare and get the most out of this adventure.

Is it calling you? Join us.

La Bartra:


Workshop fee:

£200 - special offer (before 1 January, 2019)

£225 - early birds (before 15 June, 2019)

£275 - full price (after 15 June, 2019)

(To be paid at the time of registration).

Accommodation and food (5 nights):

Single room - 400 Euro

Double/Shared room - 300 Euro

Triple room - 275 Euro

Room for 4 people - 250 Euro.

(to be paid upon arrival).

Tents and a room for 12 people is also available for lower price.

Rooms will be booked according to the order of registrations.

You are very welcome!

Address: La Bartra, La Bartra

Contact: +38 097 557 58 92,

Teacher Training - Level 2 - Module 2

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Moscow, 03 Nov 2019 - 08 Nov 2019

.. TBA ..

Address: Vershina, 9/13 с9, Malyy Kharitonyevskiy Lane, Moscow, Russia

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Teacher training programme Level 1 – Module 3

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Moscow, 17 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019

The Level 1 Teacher Training is the door to our house for new teachers. The year of training is a year of transformation - from the most dedicated followers of the practice into conscious movement teachers, from our favorite partners on the dance floor and friends intoour colleagues and co-owners of our school.

There are three residential modules and additional tasks that require asignificant investment of time and energy between the modules. This programme is a serious challenge! It develops skills needed to be a teacher and also tests our trainees’ ability and determination to teach dance meditation.

Admission requirements

We invite to the teacher training course only those dancers who have been committed to the practice for a sustained period of time. Making a decision about wanting to teach, being impressed by one or two outstanding workshops, would be a mistake. In our case “Fair and softly goes far” has particular relevance.

The first step on the path of becoming a freedomDANCE teacher is studying our school’s curriculum. The following minimum requirements for admission to the Level 1 Teacher Training will give you an idea where to begin:

  • Two years of dance meditation practice
  • A minimum of 180 hours of practice with teachers accredited with ICMTA, Including:
  • A minimum of 2 days of workshops in each of the four categories: freedomDANCE Cycle; Body Map; Polarities (Three Stages - Six Energies Map); It’s Elementary!
  • These hours need to include a minimum of 120 hours of Level 2 or Level 3 practice, of which 60 hours need to be Level 3. Level 2 includes the following three categories: Unity; Synthesis; Lessons. Level 3 includes the following three categories: Open Hearts; Life Line; Juice.
  • The 180 hours need to include one workshop lasting at least 5 days, or two workshops lasting at least 3 days each.

We are happy to help you understand these requirements and also develop a plan of how you can fulfil them if you need additional practice.

Programme Application

If you would like to participate in the course, please let us know by writing to [email protected] We will send you a registration form together with a table to add up your hours of practice as well as other information.

Address: To be announced, Moscow, Russia

Contact: ,

The Wise One & The Innocent

with Andrew Holmes and Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Moscow, 24 Aug 2019 - 25 Aug 2019

The Wise One & The Innocent

A 5 Rhythms Workshop

with Andrew Holmes

What do you know? And how do you live from that knowledge?

This weekend we will dance with two archetypes to explore different ways of experiencing and being in life. Archetypes are core energies, deep truths of human potential that await our exploration and embodiment. By moving with the Wise One and the Innocent, we expand our range of possibility, and deepen our understanding of ourselves. We’ll reclaim the simplicity of an open heart, and learn to rest our mind in the presence of Spirit. In the balance of these complementary energies, there’s space for our soul to rest and play. Wise minds, old bones, childlike eyes, and trusting hearts.. rich resources to draw on in our everyday lives.

Andrew has been teaching the 5 Rhythms for more than twenty years, and is one of the most respected teachers in Europe. He studied extensively with Gabrielle Roth, and runs workshops in many countries. He worked as a theatre director for 20 years, and lives in England with his partner Sharon.

Andrew teaches with precise subtlety, imperceptibly guiding you deep, without fuss. His gentle compassion creates a safe space in which transformation can happen. He works with a light touch, and an embodied intelligence, bringing great delight to the spiritual practice he loves.

“How lovely it is to be in your wise, safe, healing presence.

The depth and simplicity of your teaching is stunning“

Address: Studio 15, 1A, Balakirevskiy Pereulok, Moscow, Russia

Contact: +7 916 120 2122,

Unity + Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Moscow, 03 Nov 2019 - 04 Nov 2019

.. TBA ..

Address: Moscow, Moscow, Central Federal District, Russia

Contact: ,

Vacation 2019 - The Power of Belonging

with Alex Svoboda and Bodhi Nick Hunt

Next workshop: Tekirova, 08 Sep 2019 - 13 Sep 2019


A conscious movement retreat for gay men with Alex Svoboda and Bodhi. Sundance - Antalya Region, Turkey.

Vacation means to vacate one-self and has traditionally been seen as a spiritual journey or retreat; to create space away from our everyday affairs – to stand back, reflect and find a deeper connection with the physical, emotional and spiritual domain within our experience.

Dance meditation creates movement deep inside our creative bodies to ignite change from our core – the body. Crossing this bridge engages the heart, opening us up step by step, so we can learn to trust our natural instincts.

Each of us has a unique life path and a unique dance to offer. Yet, we are social creatures and all long for being with ‘our tribe’ and feeling fully accepted.

Come to our seventh annual Vacation to explore and celebrate what our conscious movement practice can offer you as a gay man:

  • A deep connection with your innermost self
  • A capacity to be yourself with others
  • A welcoming community that can embrace you as you are Find yourself in your dance and the power of belonging!

Antalya has a typical Mediterranean weather, so you may expect lots of sun and not much rain in September. In that time of the year the daytime average is 30 degrees, nighttime it is about 19.

Sundance is one of our favourite venues. It has two beaches and is hidden from mass tourism. The owners have welcomed gay visitors for decades and are excited to have us back.

Our hosts are in the middle of nature. They take care of the surroundings as this place is home for most of them. We are kindly requested to respect the environment as if they were our home.

Don’t look any further. Come as you are.

If you have any questions do please be in touch – contact details are below. Join us for our seventh Vacation in Turkey!

All the information you need to sign up and book your travel and accommodation is contained in a beautiful information pack. We are proud to share our own photos made on previous Vacations and the ones provided by Sundance.

Address: Sundance Nature Village, Tekirova, Kemer, Antalya, Turkey

Contact: +44 744 744 7633,