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freedomDANCE @ Cambsdance

Cambridge | Fridays | 19:00 - 21:00

Join this class to have a taste of freedom and take that sensation into your life!

• Freedom to move your body without learned steps or routines;

• Freedom to let go of comparisons, judgments and criticisms;

• Freedom to be yourself and connect with others.

Each time, your dance is your unique experience. And yet, it is done in a great company. You get lots of permission to do what’s true for you and enough support be reassured and relaxed.

Our class is a shared journey through a dance cycle:

· First, we open our bodies to move with breath, weight, space and each other;

· Then, we let our dance develop and transform, releasing old patterns and finding new ways to move and relate to ourselves and others;

· Finally, there is time to integrate our experience through sharing our dance and being present to our own sensations and our connection with the rest of the room.

There are exercises and guidance to encourage your curiosity and learning; there is also space to dance without any instructions, to process what you have learnt… and just for the fun of it! There is great music, that is specially selected for each session, to serve us throughout the class.

Cost: £12 (£10 concession)

Address: St Philip’s Church Centre, 185 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3AN

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Next time when I teach: 25 May 2018

Where we will teach soon

Sunday Sweat

with Kate Iwi

London | Sundays | 18:00 - 20:00

'Sunday Sweat' is a 5 Rhythms Dance Class. This means that while you are listening to a wide array of GREAT music, carefully selected to take you through a couple of 'waves' of the 5 rhythms, you are encouraged to connect with yourself at a physical level, in a kind of moving meditation. Go at your own pace and enjoy the freedom of moving how YOU want to!!

This class is about freeing up your dance, exercising all of your body, providing an outlet to express yourself, relax yourself and help you to feel more alive and HERE. It requires absolutely no skill, ability, agility, grace, fitness level or cool moves. We have dancers of all ages. Just as long as you have a body and are breathing, you are very welcome to come and join us!

Classes start very gently, with time for stretching and warming the body up at your own pace. The music will take you into a 'wave' of movement activity. From the first rhythm of 'flowing' (languid, continuous movements), through to the percussive and more definite movements of 'staccato,' moving faster as we shake ourselves out in 'chaos,' then dropping in and letting go in the lighter 'lyrical' rhythm, until finally we sink into the meditative sounds of 'stillness.'

We often go through 2 waves of the 5 rhythms each class. You may find that you experience a kind of catharsis during each wave, where the physical movement allows you to express and release pent up feelings and energy leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed and more able to deal with the hurly burly of a busy urban existence once again!

There are instructions and exercises but no steps to learn and you don't have to follow the instructions if they don't feel helpful. What's most important is to come along and experience being yourself with other like-minded people.

Cost: £10 - concession/low income6; £13 - medium income; £15 - high income

Address: Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, 85 St George’s Road, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6ER

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Next class: 27 May 2018