My workshops

Vacation (for gay men)

with Bodhi Hunt and Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: La Bartra, 2 Sep 2017 - 8 Sep 2017

Dance is a Ritual
Breath is Spirit
Body is our Sacred Ground

This will be our sixth Vacation and this time, we want to go back to the bare elements of the practice, our bodies. What are we made up of? What is the language of the body and what can this tell us about our patterns and relationships? How do we treat this great resource that we have and the only asset that really belongs to us? What do we want from our body and how do we ask for it and how does this unfolds with other male bodies? So many questions and such beauty to explore with other men as we move and look for the answers! Once we start moving our body, it brings an integration of energy, it allows a re-organisation to shift with changes and transformation in our relationships (with self and other), it increases emotional fluidity, it changes our set ideas and opens us to new wisdom and brings more love for ourselves and compassion for others.

We will have time to share, relax, create, swim and dance – to embody our journey.

We invite you the dancer, to join us on this wonderful retreat held in the heart of nature.

Cost: £325 (paid at the time of registration). Accommodation and food: from €310 per person (depending on the room you choose), paid on arrival.

Address: for details contact organiser, La Bartra (Spain)

Contact: ,

Spread Your Wings, 5Rhythms workshop

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Minnesota, 28 Jul 2017 - 29 Jul 2017

Whenever we do 5Rhythms as a dynamic movement practice, we are not only learning to listen to our own body and what is happening inside. We are also harnessing our natural gift to sense what is going on around us and adapt to the ever changing physical and social environment. Again and again, we are going through a ‘Wave’, a dance cycle that consists of five stages, or ‘rhythms’. And each time, we are learning how and when we need to switch on our receptivity (Flowing), when we can be clear about who we are and our boundaries (Staccato), and when it’s time to let go of control and trust the creative unpredictability of Chaos

Finally, there comes this moment when we can release any effort and simply enjoy the dance. This happens in Lyrical, the rhythm of maturity, lightness, freedom from inner criticisms and judgements… the rhythm of flying!

It is important notice and appreciate such moments in life as well! We are growing our wings as we study, work and go through a multitude of life experiences. We don’t want to miss a chance to open our wings and let their strength carry us in the direction of our hopes, wishes and dreams.

We’ll come together to remind each other of this wonderful energy, get to know it better and be carried away by our dance. Let’s spread our wings and fly!


Address: contact organiser for details, Minnesota (USA)

Contact: ,

The Opening

with Alex Svoboda and Pavel Timashkov

Next workshop: Cambridge, 13 Aug 2017

Dance meditation and shamanic journeying workshop

“In the very first time there was no light on earth. Everything was in darkness, the lands could not be seen, the animals could not be seen. And still, both people and animals lived on earth, but there was no difference between them. They lived promiscuously. A person could become an animal, and an animal could become a human being. There were wolves, bears, and foxes but as soon as they turned into humans they were all the same. They may have had different habits, but all spoke the same tongue, lived in the same kind of house, and spoke and hunted in the same way.” (Rassmussen 1931, The Netsilik Eskimos: Social Life and Spiritual Culture)

First, comes the dance. Step after step, we are moving in between spaces. As that takes place, the drum comes in. The drum comes into music and starts to weave Her song with the space. The song shatters time into nothing. Time and space are here and now… The Opening is here and the journey begins.

During our journey we travel to the Lower World - the place of vitality and beauty and a home for Animal Spirit Helpers or Power Animals. One is exploring the landscape of the Lower World, while intending to find his/her Power Animal and establish connection with it. Through this connection one discovers a source of vitality, gets to see a mirror of their own, finds a loyal friend for a long journey… One finds healing.

When we are back from our journeys, we return to dance and to celebrate our reunion.

Once upon a time,
When there was no time,
When once was the only,
When Was was Is and nothing else,
There was an opening...

Cost: £70 (£55 until 31 May)

Address: St Paul's C of E Primary School Coronation Street, Cambridge CB2 1HJ

Contact: +44 7989 353 602,

freedomDANCE Teacher Training – Level 1 – Module 3

with Alex Svoboda and Deborah Jay-Lewin

Next workshop: Moscow Region, 22 Oct 2017 - 28 Oct 2017

A year of learning skills to teach dance meditaiton and and year of personal transformation.

The course includes three modules in three different locations as well as intense work on practical tasks between the modules.

At the end of the course, our participants are qualitifed to teach open dance meditation classes at the foundation level (physical practice) of up to three hours in duration.

Applications are accepted until 1 June 2016.

If you are called to teach and would like to get more information about this course please write to


Address: to be confirmed, Moscow Region (Russia)

Contact: + 7 964 119 88 34,

Meeting Emptiness

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: La Bartra, 9 Sep 2017 - 15 Sep 2017

This year, we will dance at La Bartra, an exceptionally unique and beautiful venue… Within only three hours from Barcelona. Located at the heart of Prades Mountains in Tarragona, at an altitude of 725 meters, La Bartra is one of those special places where nature has been generous in creating fanciful shapes: canyons, cliffs, hills, streams and sources, intertwining in perfect harmony and simplicity.

Every time we go through a freedomDANCE cycle, we empty ourselves. We let things that we long to express come out and be expressed. We let things that we long to release be released. By doing so, we let the excitement and fervour of the dance take us to the place of vastness and silence inside, a precious and healing place of internal emptiness.

Staying with emptiness for a prolonged period of time, however, is not always a blissful experience, and it can be quite unsettling. If only emptiness meant silence! Our mind jumps right in to fill the empty space with the familiar voices of judgements, assumptions and beliefs. We need to keep ourselves in the empty field. Waiting. Waiting without knowing what we are waiting for. Refraining from doing. Not doing. The mind will see that the old tricks are not working and settle down eventually giving way for something truly new, something that comes from within and that is truly ours.

Being with emptiness is a dance that we need to learn to get to a deeper, fuller understanding of our calling, our mission, our power and our compassion for ourselves that we can extend to others with ease and grace. If you have questions that need being with and if you would like the support of our beloved dance meditation practice, great company and the beauty of the place please register early as places are limited this year.

This retreat is an advanced Level 3. We are asking participants to have at least 20 hours of practice and, if possible, at least one Level 2 workshop. If you are not sure please speak to us and we can help you prepare and get the most out of this adventure.

Workshop fee:
Early bird: £245 before 15 June
£295 (full price - after 15 June).
(To be paid at the time of registration).

Accommodation and food: from €310/274 per person (depending on the room you choose), paid on arrival.


Address: for details contact organiser, La Bartra (Spain)

Contact: +38 097 557 58 92,

Lessons on the Dance Floor

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Moscow, 23 Sep 2017 - 24 Sep 2017

If you are interested please contact us, and we will translate and send all the needed information for you.


Address: Please contact organiser for details, Moscow (Russia)

Contact: +7 916 120 21 22,

The Alchemy of Scent

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Irkutsk, 30 Sep 2017 - 1 Oct 2017

The Alchemy of Scent is a personal and collective journey through associations and memories evoked by different aromas and embodied in movement. Over two days, we will be adding building blocks to our dance - body parts, levels and types of movement, emotional states and images… This creative process will be informed by sampling different scents, mixing them together, step by step, and eventually blending them into a unique FEEL FREE natural perfume.

Scent is all around us, all the time, in every breath. Whether we are aware of it or not, each inhalation informs our relationship to ourselves, each other and our surroundings. When I first started teaching this workshop, I was surprised how quickly the group went somewhere really deep… somewhere very personal, a field without censorship and even without words. Why should I be surprised though? This work focuses on our most primal of senses! The scent surpasses our logical mind’s filters and gets to our essential, primordial, animal nature.

The alchemy of dance and fragrances in action! Expect the unexpected!

Contact Tatyana in order to get detailed information and payment instructions.


Address: please contact organiser for details, Irkutsk (Russia)

Contact: +7 914 895 55 38,

From Fear to Love

with Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: Novosibirsk, 7 Oct 2017 - 8 Oct 2017

If you are interested please contact us, and we will translate and send all the needed information for you.


Address: please contact organiser for details., Novosibirsk (Russia)

Contact: +7 952 942 08 25 ,


with Julia Malik and Alex Svoboda

Next workshop: St. Petersburg, 4 Nov 2017 - 6 Nov 2017

If you are interested please contact us, and we will translate and send all the needed information for you.


Address: Please contact organiser for details, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Contact: +7 921 944 43 05,

Other workshops we are working on

Move your soul - freedomDANCE meets Coaching

with Natalie Tsirlina and Marcus Schildknecht and Claudius F. Albrecht

Next workshop: Mallorca, 11 Oct 2017 - 15 Oct 2017

We are weaving spiritual traditions, holistic coaching and conscious movement to a braid of change and personal growth. During five days we create a process, that combines conscious movement with meditations, deep conversations, exercises, walks, rituals, insights, exchange in the group and quiet moments with oneself.

Blending of the dance meditation and spiritual work. freedomDANCE classes and processes in the nature. A group of about 10-12 people.

Marcus Schildknecht - Holistic coach, Trainer, Workshop and retreat manager

Claudius F. Albrecht - Mediumistic guide for consciousness processes, Chinese astrologer, Lightworker

Natalie Tsirlina - freedomDANCE teacher, member of ICMTA.

Notes: freedomDANCE sessions are open for everybody (even if you don't participate in the retreat):

feedomDance is an easy conscious movement practice. It is a dance meditation, a simple way to quite your mind and feel your body, going through different energies and ways to move. We notice, we express, we let go. We open our bodies, the space around and ourselves for a dance with others. We welcome pure movement without judgement or censorship. We let go of the words and let the body speak. We find answers through movement. No prior experience in dance or meditation is needed.

Timetable for dance sessions:
23.06.2017 5pm-7.30pm
24.06.2017 5pm-7.30pm
25.06.2017 11am-6pm (a workshop)
27.06.2017 12am-3pm
Fees for guests (not participants of the retreat): € 25 - for single classes, €60 - for the workshop on Sunday. Full week €110.

Languages: German and English

Marcus Schildknecht: Tel +41 76 441 20 30 marcus[at]

Natali Tsirlina: +7 916 120 2122 Tsirlina7[at]

Accommodation: self-organised by the participants

Cost: (includes light lunches) For participants from CIS - early bird price - €270 (before 11 May), full price after 11 May - €330. For participants from other countries - early bird price - €690 (before 11 May), full price after 11 May - €750.

Address: south-west on the island, Via Vitale S.L. Pilates- und Rückenzentrum, C/. Joaquin Blume N°4, E-07160 Paguera, Mallorca (Spain)

Contact: +7 916 120 21 22,